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The Neo

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A traditional wood fired oven. With a high tech touch.

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The Neo

The quintessential wood fired oven. 

Designed with an eye towards traditional Italian ovens.

A solution that performs like a dream.

Fully insulated.

Fast heat up time.

Simple to use and practically no maintenance.

Manufactured from 21st century materials it performs like no other.

Designed for our UK climate, weather resistant!

Yes its built to last!

Restaurant quality in your own home !


“Just to let you know that the pizza oven arrived safely yesterday evening, and, it is truly magnificent and a thing of beauty. 

I will be siting it over the weekend and (weather permitting), begin the process of seasoning next week.

Really looking forward to using it. I suddenly also have a queue of friends who are drooling in anticipation. 

Many thanks for your superlative customer service. 

Best regards,


Kev (Cornwall) “



The outside of the oven is a weather resistant dome. Inside the oven a thick inner dome made from a unique refractory mixture which absorbs and also reflects heat inwards. The oven is fully insulated which means less fuel in use, longer heat retention once the fire is out, plus a cool external surface temperature.

The unibody metal base has a liner of firebrick and custom made tiles, underneath this a thick layer of insulation. The tiles absorb heat to provide a consistent temperature over the hearth and also provide a hot plate for frying and boiling on the front of the oven extending the cooking surface!

The Neo is a fusion of modern materials combined with a traditional design to provide you with a solution that looks great and performs like a dream!


A modular design means you can purchase only the components you require or the full package complete with stand, and tools! Everything you need to get started. Well, almost, you will need wood and a match to light the fire!


neo buttons trans
tabletop 5


Searingly hot..

Great fun..

Yes you can cook anything in one of our ovens. Your only limited by imagination…

Yes its hot over 400c pizza cooking temperature achieved in all of our ovens…

Yes they are enormous fun you will find excuses to fire it up, totally addictive…




The outer shell is a substantial GRP cover next to that a thick layer of insulation followed by a refractory dome. On the hearth a layer of fire bricks, cast stones and underneath this another layer of insulation all enclosed by the unibody tray.


The oven is remarkably light for its size, total dry weight 115 kg. With hearth tiles removed 75Kg. The hearth stones (40kg) are removed when moving the oven then placed back in. 

The full kit has everything you need to get started. Well, almost, you will need a match to light the fire! You can purchase only the components you require just the oven itself or the full package complete with stand and tools !









The outer dome is a tough GRP skin, the tried and tested inner dome a unique refractory mixture which both insulates, reflects and holds heat superbly well.

The hearth case and oven front, a black powder coated unibody steel construction which will not show soot deposits.

hotplate-1aThe hearth has a liner of firebrick and shaped cast tiles. These also absorb heat and provide a constant hot cooking hearth.The tiles at the mouth of the oven are unique in providing a frying and boiling hot plate.

The stand is a robust flat packed timber construction.

Full insulation results in a more economic oven in use while at the same time being easier to maintain both high and lower temperatures. In addition the cool wall technology means the surface of the dome remains relatively cool. While the oven can be 500C inside it is only 70C on the outside.

The answer to delicious cuisine and great fun at the same time. Authentic Italian Pizza, 90 seconds in 400C heat! Piri Piri chicken, tandori styles, and fish are tremendous. At lower temperatures baking and roasting. One is only limited by imagination!

Cool Wall Technolgy

Our ovens are packed with super efficient insulation. This means it will maintain a high internal temperature while the outside remains relatively low . In practice this mean your oven will heat up quickly, retain heat longer and be more economic in use. 

high temp
low temp2

A Sense of Scale

  • Easy to use ergonomic design.
  • Fully Insulated retains heat over time.
  • Cool wall technology. The oven dome remains cool in use. 500C on the inside 70C on the outside like a hot radiator.
  • 38mm Hearth thickness.
  • Working temperature 400C
  • Black powder coated Uni body base and facia.
  • Weather Resistant. GRP cover is impervious to rain.
  • Hot plate for frying and boiling.
  • Chimney is a standard industry component so easy to extend.
  • Lightweight.
  • Economical in use.
  • Huge Cooking Hearth
  • Fast heat up time.
  • Affordable.
  • A capacity to cook for small and large parties.
  • No construction required ready to use right out of the box.
  • Compact design.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Available in Terracotta and Cream
  • Perfect internal heat balance.
  • The full kit has everything you need to get started.

What will you be cooking tomorrow?

Dough Knots & Cheese

Dough Knots & Cheese

And Cooked to Perfection !

And Cooked to Perfection !

People told us that its hard to get a sense of proportion from photographs or measurements on a drawing. So we got Bill our social media manager to pose next to an oven to give it a sense of scale, he’s an average 5’10”



What’s in the full kit?

Our Neo kit contains everything you need to make great wood fire cooked food and of course incredible pizza!

The oven of course, comprised of a dome, chimney and coolie. The base has a lining of firebricks and shaped cast tiles which provides the cooking hearth.

An infrared thermometer, stand and two pizza peels (AKA pizza paddles) and a door.

Just provide a few logs a match and ingredients fabulous food will follow.

Incidentally our peels are made with an aluminum head and a wooden handle. These we believe are easier to use and more robust than wooden pizza peels. The small oven peel is specially made for us.

The oven..

Dome with cast refractory liner. Steel Base, Fire brick floor, Insulation, Steel Chimney and Coolie hat.


Aluminum with wooden handle.


Pressure treated timber.

2 Peels Small and Large..

Peels aluminum with Wooden Handles.


Infra Red hand held thermometer.


If you are having our stand then a firm base is needed. Grass will not support the weight it must be a solid foundation. Slabs, pavers, concrete, tarmac etc.

If you are not having our stand you will need a good strong base. A minimum of 800 by 1000mm and around 1000 to 1100 high. It needs to be strong enough to support the total combined weight 150kg and be heat resistant.

What else is useful?

A set of our professional cookware is very useful. They are all metal so can be fully immersed in the oven. You can cook anything with this range. A large Paella pan, and 2 handled pans comprise the set. In addition we include a large pizza cutter and dough scraper.

An splitting maul is indispensable for splitting timber down to size. We don’t sell these but they are readily available. 


Neo in Terracotta Full Kit
Neo Terracotta Oven Only

£1,285.00 Select options

£1,095.00 Select options

Neo Full Kit

Neo Oven only

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