Ischia Pizza Oven Kit 110


One of our largest round oven kits, the Ischia Pizza Oven Kit offers 110cm of cooking surface, enough for larger gatherings and great parties! Your imagination will be the only limit for this oven! This oven can easily handles multiple trays, meats, pasta dishes, and breads!

It consumes modest amounts of wood and reaches cooking temperature in a relatively short time. Typically 60-75 minutes.

Capacity 5-6 10″ Pizzas.


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If you are looking for a large oven the Ishcia wood oven is a perfect solution. Designed for DIY or professional installation. The sectional dome and hearth are entirely made of high quality refractory materials. Each section is easily managed by 1 person.

Refractory components have thermal properties that allow the oven to retain heat for longer, thus enabling you to cook long after the fire has died down. Typically you will get several hours of useful cooking time after the fire has died down.

All you need for inspired outdoor cooking.

Hearth size maximum 110cm

Outside Dimensions: 129cm x 164cm, 64cm, 410 kg


  • 4 Base plates
  • 4 Dome sections
  • 2 Oven Tunnel
  • 1 Arch
  • 1 Sill
  • 1 Metal door with thermometer
  • Flue Manifold

Flue is a standard 250mm diameter not supplied.

Note this oven kit requires assembly and external finishing. View our assembly video below.

Additional information

Weight 410 kg
Dimensions 129 × 164 × 640 cm

White with Black frame


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