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The Rustica is at the heart of our range. Our most affordable oven. Designed by us and made here in the UK by our own craftsmen. If you are looking for a wood burning oven that embodies all the qualities of a traditional wood oven look no further. Based on traditional Italian pizza oven designs but manufactured from 21st century materials.

Heat up time from 30 mins to 2 hours 1

?max 3 small 2

Heat retention 2-3 hours 3



The Neo is our “next generation” oven. At its heart the same tried and tested design embodied in our Rustica. However if you are looking for a traditional solution but want the extra benefits of full insulation and weather resistance look no further the Neo has it all. Again designed by us and made here in the UK by our own craftsmen.

Heat up time from 30 mins to 1.5 hours 1

?max 3 small 2

Heat retention 4-5 hours 3



The wood burning ovens produced by Clementi offer a sophisticated modern aesthetic. First class workmanship, superb quality with amazing cooking capability. The Family oven is at the hear of this range. Again insulated for safe economic use. 3 hearth sizes are available and 4 design solutions based around the Family oven itself with options on roof colour including Stainless steel. Made in Italy.

Heat up time from 30 mins to 1 hour 1

?max 6 small 2

Heat retention 1-2 hours 3


The Nonno Lillo wood fired pizza ovens  are all handmade in Italy, the home of Pizza. Made from 100% stainless steel. The oven hearth is cut from volcanic lava that heats very quickly and retains heat for a considerable time. The oven is highly fuel efficient and uses only a small amount of in use. A cooking temperature of 300 degrees centigrade can be reached in as little as 30 minutes. Forno Allegro wood fired ovens come with a 5 year warranty. Made in Italy.

Heat up time from 30 mins to 1 hour 1

?max 1 large  2

Heat retention 1-2 hours 3

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