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Leigh Downie
Leigh Downie
What great service! Pizza Forno answered all our questions before we placed our order and kept us updated with the progress of our order. Delivery was prompt and the delivery man did his absolute best to put the pallet containing our neo oven as close to its final position as possible! We soon had it up and running and are amazed at how quickly it gets up to heat and the size of the oven. We were able to deliver freshly cooked pizzas to our neighbours who helped us put the oven on its base! We would recommend them to anyone wishing to have the pleasure of cooking in a wood fired oven!
Sharon Maloney
Sharon Maloney
Fabulous service, good communication and amazing pizza oven.
David Leath
David Leath
Great site, lots of ideas for outdoor woodfired cooking
Jo Walsh
Jo Walsh
We can not praise. Pizza Forno enough. The service from start to finish was excellent. Every question answered promptly and the advice was fantastic. We are already having great fun with our Rustica oven in the depths of winter. Thank you for the great service and look forward to trying more and more as the new year progresses. We will update with our progress. Once again thank you.
Jonney Crerar
Jonney Crerar
Great oven. Made new year a very memorable experience despite the lockdown!! Every question answered quickly and actioned promptly where action was required. Thanks again.
Teresa Palmer
Teresa Palmer
Very responsive service
Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham
All my communications with the company have been completed quickly and professionally, leaving me feeling that I was dealing with an able and trusted organisation. When you are buying a product that is expensive and made/shipped from another country that is important. Very pleased with the Clementi oven we chose, and would definitely recommend this company and Clementi.

From georgiepuddingnpie Georgina Haydens Instagram.


Wood oven chat // I’ve been inundated on requests for info on our wood oven, sorry I’ve not been able to respond to everyone + it’s taken me so long! As I mentioned before it’s a big/ expensive bit of kit and we wanted to have a good play with it first.
So - first up, we LOVE it. It’s the perfect size, style and model for us and we’ve used it every weekend since it arrived. I did a a lot of research before buying. Initially we had our heart set on a brick one, that we build ourselves BUT before you buy anything like this make sure you really measure your space. Because despite having cooked in them for years, I was convinced it would fit in our relatively small city garden. Nope. When we measured up, even the smallest ‘build your own kits’ would’ve taken over half the back of the garden. So that was a no no.
I didn’t really want a ‘ready to go’ oven as they have a smaller internal size but I did a lot of reading and found one of the biggest ones I could. Cont.......

Georgina Hayden https://www.instagram.com/p/CCNhMKAJPmi/
Georgina Hayward

Delivery was spot on Friday.

I just wanted to say that we are over the moon with the oven, it’s absolutely fantastic, it’s clear to see a lot of work has been put into production.

I managed to get through the seasoning process with a late night and early morning so we could cook for the first time on Sunday evening.

Our local log supplier is delivering Kiln dried Ash this week.

I’ve passed on your details to a few friends and customers who are interested.

Thanks again


Matt Edwards

By the way, the oven is bloody brilliant. I don't know if you guys Twitter or Instagram but I've been Posting as I set up and tempered and I'll be continuing to do so as I do further experiments (@timhayward) T Sent from my PiePhone (Tim Hayward, Cambridge and Radio 4's Kitchen Cabinet)

Tim Hayward
Rustica Pizza Oven

Fabulous service, good communication and amazing pizza oven.

Sharron Maloney

Yes we also convert and build horse boxes. Josh Beckreck has a Neo in his box. We installed the oven and flue etc also adding a further hatch. We build new vintage style horse boxes to order.
Want to book Cart and Carriage for a venue in the Birmingham area...Cart and Carriage.

Josh's horse box
Josh's horse box 2

We’ve now used the oven on a couple of occasions, and are extremely happy with the way it performs. It’s not often that a piece of equipment impresses me, but this oven is superb! I’ve included a couple of photos by way of illustration from last weekend – the pizza was pretty good, too!

Kind regards

Steve Jackson
Clementi owner

Steve Jackson
Clementi Oven
Clementi Oven

Just a quick note now that we’ve flexed our pizza muscles a few times.

Everybody in the household has found their part in the performance - my son does the dough, my wife assembles all the toppings, I’m responsible for lighting and maintenance, my son builds and cooks the pizza and my daughter tells us all what we should be doing 🙂

Lots of fun, good-natured bickering and very good pizza. We have not run out of friends to show off to yet but by the time we’ve finished the list I’m sure we’ll start at the beginning again ….

Thankyou again for your excellent oven. I hope you’re enjoying the crazy summer and that business is starting to get back to normal for you.

All the best,

Neo owner

Steve Heaney

Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your help with the oven. We are really getting into the swing of things...eating far too much pizza too but it's been a great addition to our garden and I'd have no hesitation in recommending your services!! (Feel free to use that as a testimonial on your website)
Subito Cotto owner

Kevin Taylor

Hi, it’s rare to buy something that you are so utterly delighted with that you feel compelled to email a year later, but here it is. We have used our pizza oven non stop over the Summer and used it on a frosty evening last night to remind ourselves its not just a warm weather thing. It looks great, cooks delicious pizzas in a flash and makes al fresco eating really fun. Just thought I’d let you know that I’m a very happy Clementi evangelist.
kind regards

Jane Dakin

A couple of pics with the oven together with a couple of benches one of which I put together from some salvage pallet wood and bits.
I’m thrilled with the oven and it’s first time outing was a success
Thanks for the patience and great advice !!
Looking forward to lots of cooking over the summer.

Mike McInerney

 Ceri Tacey sent us this great time line sequence. 


Just a few pictures of the story so far, will send more when it has it's first use for sister in law's birthday gathering this weekend. Cover was inside when it arrived, so all good there. Wood was delivered yesterday, along with my lovely new wood store...made not far from you guys I think?



Ceri Tacey

We had our first pizza party yesterday for sister in law's birthday and it was amazing! We actually had a BBQ planned, with pizza on the side incase they didn't work out well first time. Needless to say, we are left with a lot of burgers and the pizza's went down a storm! The children even started making Nutella and banana calzones, which were fantastic with ice cream on the side! Thank you! Photos attached.

Kind regards,


Ceri Tacey

I am LOVING the oven. Friends and family are loving my pizzas too.

Richard Boyles
Family Pizza Party Apr 2019 17

The pizza oven arrived all intact just after lunchtime today. It is on its stand and ready to go, when I get chance I will send a couple of Photographs. This has been a first class service so if you want to use the photos or any testimonials for your own purposes that would be fine by me.

Thanks for a great buying experience, we shall just await the cover which I noticed was outlined on the paperwork as to follow.

Best regards


Dave Hakes

Good first pizza - thank you - we even fed our neighbours from Roma....

Ian Wilkinson
Ian Testimonial

Fancy a Pizza party for your next celebration? Give Pizzer a call. They operate in Bristol and the surrounding area.


Pizzer Delivery

had 12 work colleagues over for the first proper firing and it worked like a dream!

Andrew, Bishops Stortford
pizza with anchovey
Neo in setup

Hi Paul we just wanted to share our lovely outdoor kitchen with you . We are so very pleased with it . ..! We would appreciate any advice on cooking on it & any recipes / products and the best wood to use . Any information that can help us .. as you know the Geordie boy is available for free samples and help at any point kind regards Mandy & Peter . Thank you once again x

Peter Wallbanks
Neo wood fired oven

Just to let you know the oven arrived all ok last week and we’re already very much enjoying the oven and probably had a few too many pizzas last weekend!

Thank you for your help and great buying experience! We look forward to many more pizzas and are so far very impressed! I’ve attached a picture of the oven in situ.

Oli Scott
Neo in beautiful garden

Just to let you know that the pizza oven arrived safely yesterday evening, and, it is truly magnificent and a thing of beauty.

I will be siting it over the weekend and (weather permitting), begin the process of seasoning next week. Really looking forward to using it. I suddenly also have a queue of friends who are drooling in anticipation. I must say, I have had a great deal of interest in your ovens from friends both local and via Facebook, and I have recommended most highly to them all.

Many thanks for your superlative customer service.

Best regards,

Kev (Cornwall)

Kevin Hessel


The pizza oven was my Best Buy of 2017, real success and talking point for numerous get togethers culminating
In my grandsons birthday party , 40 pizzas made with selected toppings . Brilliant .



Len Sheffield


Having recently bought the Neo Oven and used it many times since, we've cooked possibly the finest things ever!

Chicken, beef, fish vegetables, chilli and of course the staple, pizza!

I'd like to thank yourselves for the advice and help during the thinking about buying one to the actual purchase.

Delivery was when I was told and everything went smoothly.

Once again thank you for your help, I've attached a wee video of a pizza from the oven.


Robert Millar, Alloa, Scotland

By the way, managed to cook a double rib of beef last weekend, toast potatoes and yorkshire puddings for 11 people. Then apple crumble for desert (first attempt at a dessert wanted something easy. (Great looking shelter with twin wall chimney extension)

Andrew Grimsby
andrew G
rib of beef 3

Hi, Would just like to say the oven is fantastic. We have used it four times already and once up up to temp remains super hot. Must have made about 30 pizzas already. It is incredibly heavy though ! We love it and would be happy to send in a recommendation or photos to your website. Cheers Mark (Notts)

Mark Wakeling

Milton Park Glasshouse, alfresco kitchen ready for action!

Darren Sully

Its Fabulous

Thank you for all your help. The pizza oven arrived today in excellent condition. Once help arrived with four pairs of hands we were able to lift it into place. And we have already enjoyed some very easy to cook pizzas. Thank you. Kate Cooke (Warwickshire)

Kate Cook

Oven arrived ....am really happy with it ....see pic

Kevin Gannon

Success! They tasted amazing! Really easy too. We will be firing it up again soon I am sure, there is so much apart from pizza I want to make in it! Thanks!

Annabel Eady
Fuochino Wood fired oven

The oven has been hibernating but have been seasoning all last week and we got it going at the weekend. Just brilliant ! Picture attached. Thanks, Paul

Paul Ford

Apologies for the delay. I'm really pleased with the completed patio that now has a shelter for the oven. Really nice party place with lots of good memories. Largest weekend event I ended up cooking around 100 pizzas over the weekend. We have cooked roasts, pita bread, vegetables and fish with all tasting fantastic! If you want you can use the picture to show possibilities. Regards, Jeff

Jef Underwood
patio with oven

We first had “wood fire cooked” pizza at a friends place. It was so full of flavor we just had to investigate how we could do this at home. Looked at quite a few on the internet and to be honest decided on the PizzaForno as it looked the best value. It provided everything in one kit. No building a plinth, no extras to buy etc. It does what it says on the tin and just works. We will get around to trying other things but they are so good we only really tend to fire it up to cook pizza. The ash retaining lip is great, makes keeping the hearth clean very easy!

Tom and Susan Brennan (Shropshire)

The oven arrived and it was lovely my dad built the stand straight away, she has already used in several times and loves it.

Claudia Romano (London)
Stevw Powner

First burn last night with some dodgy wood, very smoky I’ve ordered some proper stuff from the company you recommended I presume this won’t smoke as much, so can’t wait to cook. I’m really very impressed with the oven, it looks brilliant and is incredibly well made, everyone who sees it goes WOW and the service from yourselves was also very good.

Ta Steve (Stockport)

Debbie-DudleyThought you might be interested to see our first attempt at the weekend with our new pizza oven! We were absolutely delighted with the results and look forward to many more. Delivery went very smoothly before 1pm as requested and we can assure you we would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who may be interested (we think that will be anyone who tastes the pizzas!) Thanks very much for your service. Kind regards.

Paul and Debbie Dudley. (Dartmouth)

Had food from one of the forno ovens at the weekend. Pizza, Calzone, spicy chicken, garlic bread, wow! Don’t actually own an oven, yet! But just wanted to post a comment. I travel to NY on business and get taken to Keste Pizza and Vino. This is voted the no 1 pizza place in NY. The pizza I was served up on Saturday is the nearest thing I have tasted to compare with Keste. Check it out here http://kestepizzeria.com.

Ian (Midlands)

Thank you so much for the wonderful Pizza Oven. Jon was delighted and last night we had our first creation from it! He has built his own base and will therefore not need to use the wooden one which you supplied. Is it worth returning it to you, if so what would be the cost, refund, procedure etc. (No problem will arrange to collect and organise refund. PF) Again, thank you so much for a terrific product. (A subscription to Weight Watchers, might be a useful optional extra!!!)

Fiona (Tufty!) (Mid Wales)

A very stressed driver arrived at 7pm! Vented his stress, almost didn’t deliver. I managed to persuade him to reverse the length of our road, smiled sweetly at him and bid him a lovely weekend! The oven is amazing, we used it last night and had the BEST pizza ever!! Thank you for all the advise.

Rebecca Askew (Northhants)

Going great thank you. Did 60 in it yesterday!! Point people in my direction if you want a reference thingy. Cheers Paul. http://www.queenadelaide.com/

Paul (The Queen Adelaide, Northampton)

Hot Spot in Nottingham! Having spread the word of Fuochino, both on the amazing customer service and the product quality, I can confirm that I would like to order 4 x full pizza oven kits. What I would like to suggest, once this is confirmed, is that I ‘step to one side’. I don’t want to seem like I am making anything out of this, other that spreading the good word of Fuochino and enabling everyone to make and eat real pizzas – and hopefully invite me round!

Elliot Clarke (Nottingham)

Just wanted to tell you the pizza oven was delivered on Friday evening, great! It was assembled yesterday and has had 2 firings, up to 50c & 100c (cold before the second firing). Its covered now as we’re having heavy rain ? Initial thoughts – easy assembly, great design and very attractive. (Happy man)

Still building base structure and still a little way off finishing. But plan to have it finished by the end of the summer. Thanks for insulation tips. Party went well, cooked 20 pizza’s where I’d only cooked 1 previously the night before. Talk about cutting it fine! Oven looking super, few hairline cracks but I know that’s to be expected! Made dough last night, because tonight is pizza night before the weather changes. Away out to light this baby, love it I’ll stay in touch and send you some pics of the finished pizza area.

bobs pizza oven

We love our pizza oven from Fuochino! We have had it for almost a year now and get great use out of it. It is located at the end of our garden in a ‘family eating area’, and frequently acts as a focal point for social gatherings with friends and family, regardless of the season! We make a point of involving guests in the preparation and cooking of pizzas as the pizza oven is so easy to use. They all love it. Lighting up the oven is quick and simple. It doesn’t take long to reach the required temperature and you are up and running in no time. One thing we particularly like about the design of Fuochino’s oven is the raised firebrick base. This means that any residual ash can quickly be removed from the cooking area with ease. A quick wave of the peel makes sure that any ash is blown to the oven edges and off the cooking surface. We have started to be more adventurous with our use of the oven. We successfully made chicken tikka and naan bread with it. When we first bought the pizza oven, Fuochino were a great source of tips and techniques for getting ‘a better pizza’ If you love al fresco dining and want to have a different outdoor eating experience that friends and family will love and regularly talk about, then I would recommend that you buy a pizza oven from Fuochino.

Bob Whittome (Midlands)

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