The Zio Ciro range of Wood Fired Ovens

A range of large refractory based ovens. Both residential and commercial solutions.

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Zio Ciro Wood Fired Ovens

Pizza Forno are delighted to present the range of Zio Ciro wood fired ovens. We have formed a partnership with Tek Ref the manufacturer of Zio Ciro ovens to distribute what are some of the finest high capacity ovens in the world manufactured from the finest refractory castable materials. If you are looking for a ready to use or build in oven to become a centre piece for your outdoor kitchen we have a Zio Ciro solution to suit. 


The outer dome is a tough GRP skin, the tried and tested inner dome a unique refractory mixture which both insulates, reflects and holds heat superbly well.

The hearth case and oven front, anthracite powder coated unibody steel construction.

hotplate-1aThe hearth has a liner of firebrick and shaped cast tiles. These also absorb heat and provide a constant hot cooking hearth.The tiles at the mouth of the oven are unique in providing a frying and boiling hot plate.

The stand is a robust flat packed timber construction.

Full insulation results in a more economic oven in use while at the same time being easier to maintain both high and lower temperatures. In addition the cool wall technology means the surface of the dome remains relatively cool. While the oven can be 500C inside it is only 70C on the outside.

The answer to delicious cuisine and great fun at the same time. Authentic Italian Pizza, 90 seconds in 400C heat! Piri Piri chicken, tandori styles, and fish are tremendous. At lower temperatures baking and roasting. One is only limited by imagination!

Underneath the tray are 5 feet (when not taking our stand they are shipped with with a rubber plug) These provide a location fix for the stand but also an air gap for users wishing to place the oven on their own base. Any strong base will do it does not need to be fireproof.

The Zio Ciro range of residential wood-fired ovens consists of both fully assembled and kit form ovens. The Subbito Cotto  is fully assembled oven including stand. The kit ovens such as the Ischia are designed to be the heart of an oven installation and can be finished to your taste to blend in with an existing buildings to make a real statement in your outdoor kitchen! 

There is a Zio Ciro oven to meet all customers’ requirements and sizes.

Delivered in an easy-to-assemble kit containing all the necessary components. The ovens are sectional so comfortably handled during assembly .The clear installation manual makes assembly straightforward.  The kit can be easily assembled in your garden, patio, indoor or outdoor kitchens.

Naturally our kit oven oven needs to be finished off with insulation and a weather proof exterior to complete the installation. This can be a simple rendered finish or full on build with a brick structure.  (We can of course supply the insulation materials required)

 All Zio Ciro ovens are made from high quality refractory castable that ensures durability reduced wood consumption and heat retention.

As standard we supply two sizes of kit oven the Ischia110 and the Capri 140. These are both a large hearth size oven.

The Submito Cotto is a prebuilt oven read y for use including stand.

We can supply any oven in the range including the Commercial ovens which are made from much denser material to stand up to constant use.


Subito Cotto 80 and 95

The Subito Cotto series 80 and 95 which is our largest pre-assmbled oven. Fully insulated and weather resistant. The 80 offers almost 80cm of internal cooking space and the 95 a huge 95cm internal diameter, for those really serious gatherings! Ideal for large parties and commercial use where high volume is anticipated. The 80 is capable of cooking 3 medium pizzas and the 95 is capable of cooking up to 5 medium pizzas at once, up to 7 with the optional gas burner kit. (Please call for details) Fantastic cooking performance and high thermal mass gives amazing heat retention, you will be able to bake breads, focaccia and many more dishes long after the fire goes out! 

Subito Cotto 3
Subito Cotto

Subito Cotto Mini Gas


The Subito Cotto MINI is a real refractory gas oven, fully portable and weighing less than 45 kg. It has an internal diameter of 40 cm and can reach a temperature of 450 °C (852 °F) in just 30 min. The MINI is ideal for baking pizza with a diameter of 33 or 34 cm and can be placed both indoors or outdoors, in a garden, or on a balcony or terrace.

Thanks to the refractory dome, the oven traps the heat inside for a long time even when the ame is off and can cook many other types of food such as meat, sh, bread, vegetables or desserts.

The oven is equipped with a gas burner compatible with butane and optionally propane gas. Eg Calor, GAZ etc. 

Subito Cotto Mini
Subitto Cotto Mini pizza
Subito Cotto Mini Sizes 2
  • Oven
  • Metal Stand
  • Metal Door and Thermometer
  • Fully insulated
  • Cool wall 400C inside 50C outside
  • Weather resistant
  • Fast Heat up
  • Large Capacity
  • Maintenance Free
  • Stand Included
  • Made in Italy

Ischia Pizza Oven Kit 110

One of our large round oven kits, the Ischia Pizza Oven Kit offers 110cm of cooking surface, enough for larger gatherings and great parties! Your imagination will be the only limit for this oven! This oven can easily handles multiple trays, meats, pasta dishes, breads or focaccias! Other round ovens include the Napoli the smallest, though to the Positano the largest road oven with an internal hearth of 120cm.

ischia sizes


  • Sectional Hearth
  • Sectional Dome
  • Sill
  • Metal Door and Thermometer
  • Chimney Section
  • Brick Style Arch

Capri Pizza Oven Kit 140

The Capri, Procida and Sorrento series of oval shaped oven kits were born out of the need to accomodate larger pizza ovens while maintaining a relatively small frontal footprint. To achive that the central part of the oven has had a additional element added to it to increase the available internal surface.

With a massive internal surface measuring 100×1400 mm, the Capri Pizza Oven Kit offers and abundance of space for all of your cooking needs, offering enough space for several pizzas, roasts, breads, pasta dishes and more.

Want an even larger oven see our Zio Product Brochure where we have oven hearths up to 120 by 165mm. (Call for price)



  • Sectional Hearth
  • Sectional Dome
  • Sill
  • Metal Door and Thermometer
  • Chimney Section
  • Brick Style Arch
Capri oven kit

Zio Ciro has been producing Pizza ovens in Italy since 1997, and in the 20 years they have been in business they have produced some 30000 ovens, sold in over 17 Countries. Today their ovens are recognized as some of the finest pizza ovens available on the market, bringing professional quality to pizza enthusiasts everywhere. Each oven is handmade in Italy, by a small group of modern artisans who pride themselfes in combining the best materials and a long tradition of excellence. Whether you are looking for a fully assembled oven, or kit to finish to your liking, we are sure we can help you find the perfect oven for you! A wonderful compliment to any summer kitchen or patio, Zio Ciro pizza ovens will help you create memories you will cherish forever!

A Zio Ciro Oven Being Assembled

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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