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The Clementi Clementino the smallest, most agile and compact oven that Clementi offer. Small in size but giant in capabilities, the Clementino is a perfect fit for any garden. Weighing in at only 40KG, you could even call this mighty little oven portable, and use it to supplement your cooking equipment in your camper van, caravan or camping set up.

We wanted to see how it stacks up against other portable ovens at a similar price point, and this is what we found:

Clementi Clementino Ooni Koda 16
Fuel Type Gas, hardwood or charcoal Gas
Stone Material Firebrick 3cm thick, 1.0 w/ mk conductivity Cordierite 0.5cm thick, 3.0 w/ mk conductivity
Cooking Area 60 x 40 40 x 40
Recovery time between pizzas 1 minute, longer recovery after cooking 10 pizzas 1 to 2 minutes, longer recovery after cooking 3-4 pizzas
Insulation Chamber 3cm thick, 2.5cm thick insulated board under stones Limited insulation in the chamber, no insulation under the stone
Weight 40KG 18KG
Other foods? Good for any type of food Can fit small flat pan, limited on size


As a “hybrid” oven, you can cook using either gas or wood. You can even get the oven up to temperature with gas, and then use wood to maintain the heat, still giving you that classic wood fired taste!

It also features a built-in thermometer, making it much easier to keep track of your temperature, ensuring you stay within the optimum cooking temperature at all times.

The cooking area is 60×40, allowing for one medium to large pizza to be cooked at a time. With temperatures reaching 400 degrees Celsius in a mere 15/20 minutes (in ideal situations), you could be cooking 1 pizza every 90 seconds.

Comes in Red or Anthracite.

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