The Baker wanted me to know that underneath the cheese and sausage bits and pepperoni slices and beneath the onions and mushrooms and green pepper dices the only thing that counted was the dough.

pizza poem by Arnold Adoff

We don’t want to teach you how to suck eggs here. If you are looking at our site chances are you already make pizzas and make your own dough. Lots of references on the internet if you want to broaden your knowledge. But just in case you want a basic but proven dough primer here is ours. Naturally this recipy is for thin Neapolitan style pizzas. You can leave the oil out all together for true Neapolitan dough. A little oil helps “stretchability” in hard water areas.

Another thing worth a mention, not all flour is made equal! You can get many varieties of flour. Tipo flour to ordinary supermarket strong flour, they will all have a different personality. Experiment and decide which you like the best. Caputo Pizza flour. (Caputo web site) It is mighty good flour it really is hard to beat. Its quite a slow raising dough so best to start early and give it several hours if you can. Wrights is also very good and rises a little faster so better if time is short.

Qty in grams
Water (55% by weight)165330660


Yeast as directed
Total weight4809601920
2 pizza4 pizza8 pizzas

If using fresh yeast mix with water and let it start for an hour. Dry fast acting is much easier to use and almost as good as fresh. Fresh does need to be “fresh” as it starts to deteriorate as it gets old and does not work so well.

 The Method


  • 1/2 flour, yeast and water- mix for 2 minutes
  • Add salt and continue to mix for 1 minute
  • Add rest of flour and mix for 3 minutes
  • add olive oil, mix for 9 minutes
  • Stop mixing and let it rest for 20 minutes, then start mixer and let it turn 5 times.
  • Rest dough in large container for 18 hours to rise. Fridge is best. 
  • Portion up and make dough balls, let them rise another 3-4 hours
This recipe assumes you are using a mixer and is based on using Caputo flour.
The ratio of water varies from flour to flour. The resting rise period is most important as it allows the dough to relax and makes it stretchable !
Use scales to weight out the dough to ensure a consistent size. 
Finally stretch out on a wooden board. Much better than marble as it sticks less! 



Watch this to see how its really done !

Neapolitan Pizza Making with the Masters

TIP: Not many of us have the room for large proving boxes. We use a round microwave container or disposable salad bowls to prove the dough. 750ml is ideal. Gives a nice round shape and perfect portion control. Mini proving containers! Oil lightly before. 

Remember when making dough time is a friend. Longer slower rises at reduced temperature result in a better taste.

Dont worry if you  don’t have the luxury of time. This dough will still work well if only given an hour or so to rise at room temperature. Allowing pizza dough to rise is more about giving the yeast time to bring flavors out of the wheat than it is about leavening. Most of the leavening occurs when you put the active dough into the hot oven, so you don’t have to wait until the dough balls double in size.


Quick Sauce


This could not be easier! Take a tin of the best tomatoes you can get. San Marzano are the best.

Pop them into a container and add a little passata. Add some fresh basil and a little garlic and salt. 

With a hand blender wiz it together for a few seconds. Not too long just enough to chop and combine the ingredients. 

Thats it!

AdiMaria do a very good tomato! La Fiammante with basil. Get a tray of 24 they will fly out of the cupboard! (Aldi also do a good tomato)


La Fiammante


Pizza Making



Again lots on the internet. But briefly..

Use a dish with flour put the dough ball in the flour and turn to flour both sides. 

By hand flatten the dough into a 6-8 inch circle.

  1. Using your finger tips make an indentation all the way around about 2cm from the edge of dough.
  2. Turn over and gently stretch the dough until its about 6-8 inch circle.
  3. The fun bit, takes practice! 2 methods.


Hand Slapping. Gently “flop” the dough from one hand to anther. It will slowly stretch.

Or gently use grip the edge of the pizza and stretch it slightly, turning the base a little with each stretch till its done. 

Better still watch a video series here. Its Brilliant! 

Neapolitan Pizza Making with the Masters

(P.S) Yes its not as easy as it sounds ;-) If it all goes wrong get the rolling pin out!

Top out with tomatoes and mozzarella a little parmesan basil and oil for true Neapolitan pizza

Heres a great video showing you how to make Pizza from start to finish! 

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