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badge2The PizzaForno is perhaps the first outdoor wood fired pizza oven that is specifically designed with the home user in mind. Easy to use, ready in minutes not hours. Well, obviously not minutes as such, but at best you could be up to temperature in about 30 minutes, subject to ambient temperature and dryness of both the oven and the wood being used. Typically an hour is needed and you are up to temperature. 


Which incidentally is of the order of 400C nice and hot! Pizzas in two minutes!  No construction is required the oven is ready to use out right out of the box. Add a few logs and your on the way to great tasting food.

drawingWhen the PizzaForno was designed we looked to traditional designs that have of course been tried, tested and refined over hundreds of years. Armed with this knowledge we produced the PizzaForno. The fusion of modern processes (we employ techniques and materials that are utilised in the channel tunnel!)  with traditional designs provides you with a solution that performs like a dream!

Easy to handle light weight 70kg dome and 70kg base. (Dry Weight)


A complex mixture of modern refractory materials provide a light, durable but above all efficient solution. A modular design means you can purchase only the components you require or a full package complete with stand, tools and wood! Everything you need to get started. Well, almost, you will need a match to light the fire! 

Our kit requires no construction. The stand is flat packed with easy assembly taking only a few minutes to put together. The only thing you need to do is lay two tiles on the base after it has been fired up and properly dry. At this point you can customise the look of your oven and change the tile for a design of your choosing. Of course this does not stop you using the the oven. 


Wooden peels are a little thick and as such can be tricky to use. So we use peels which have been designed for ease of use and durability. A wooden handle and a thin flexible aluminium head. This thin head makes lifting of the uncooked pizza a breeze.


Specification subject to change without notice.

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Email: info@wood-fired-pizza-ovens.co.uk

Tel: 01902 840146

Jay, Aberystwyth Marina, Y Lanfa, Trefechan, Aberystwyth SY23 1AS

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